Sales Department

Need a new or used mower? Need some DIY replacement parts? This department will fulfill your needs!

Joel Kreider - Owner/Front Desk

Joel Kreider

Owner/Front Desk

Service Department

The service department performs the repair and service work on equipment

Caleb Riehl - Service Manager

Caleb Riehl

Service Manager
Victor Kropf - 4-Cycle Technician

Victor Kropf

4-Cycle Technician
I've been working here for over 2 years. I've got schooling certificates for Briggs & Stratton and Honda Engines.
Josh Kreider - 2-Cycle Technician/ Front Desk

Josh Kreider

2-Cycle Technician/ Front Desk
I've been working with my dad for some time but now am working full time since out of school. I'm Stihl Silver certified.